Ring in 2018 with us. Four seating times available. Last seating is at 11pm and then we dance the night away. $45 per person for a Sybanne-style sharing menu. All common dietary restrictions and allergies can be accommodated. Call to reserve your spot. Payment for the dinner will be processed in advance.

Bar Sybanne New Years Eve


Please take a moment to read the following notes as they may affect your reservation

*Be advised that we are a small restaurant. It gets very loud even on slower nights. If you are sensitive to noise we recommend dining with us before 6pm

**Due to 35% last minute cancellations we often obtain credit card info in order to hold tables. This is to ensure that we are not holding tables for people who have no intention of honouring their booking. If we indeed lose business based on inconsiderate actions we will charge $25 per person

***Bar Sybanne uses a variety of nuts and seeds in our dishes. We are happy to take precautions for allergies however guests with severe nut allergies should be advised that we absolutely cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination. We are very sorry if this interrupts your plans. We genuinely would like to serve you but your health and safety is our primary concern!